semantic field

semantic field
anlamsal alan

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  • Semantic field — The semantic field of a word is the set of sememes (distinct meanings) expressed by the word.For example, the semantic field of dog includes canine and to trail persistently (also, to hound).The semantic field of a given word shifts over time see …   Wikipedia

  • semantic field — noun : field 8c * * * seˌmantic ˈfield 7 [semantic field] noun (linguistics) a set of words with related meanings …   Useful english dictionary

  • semantic field — Ling. an area of human experience or perception, as color, that is delimited and subcategorized by a set of interrelated vocabulary items in a language. * * * …   Universalium

  • semantic field — noun A group of words which all relate to the same subject or concept …   Wiktionary

  • semantic field — noun Linguistics a lexical set of semantically related items, for example verbs of perception …   English new terms dictionary

  • Semantic class — A semantic class contains words that share a semantic property. Semantic classes may intersect. The intersection of female and young can be girl .See also: Semantic feature, Categorization, semantic field …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic holism — is a doctrine in the philosophy of language to the effect that a certain part of language, be it a term or a complete sentence, can only be understood through its relations to a (previously understood) larger segment of language. There is… …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic change — Semantic change, also known as semantic shift or semantic progression describes the evolution of word usage usually to the point that the modern meaning is radically different from the original usage. In diachronic (or historical) linguistics,… …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic interoperability — (also referred to as Computable Semantic Interoperability) is the ability of two or more computer systems to exchange information and have the meaning of that information automatically interpreted by the receiving system accurately enough to… …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic unification — has a long history in fields like philosophy and linguistics. In computer science it has been used in different research areas like grammar unification [1] [2] , and Prolog extensions [3] . For business processes and workflow management the term… …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic prosody — Semantic prosody, also discourse prosody, describes the way in which certain seemingly neutral words can be perceived with positive or negative associations through frequent occurrences with particular collocations. An example given by John… …   Wikipedia

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